Nov 2, 2012

save my place

As a librarian, we see some really beautiful bookmarks. Occasionally they get left behind in library books, and there's always a designated box/container in every library around of lost and unclaimed bookmarks. Some are precious and detailed, some are hand made by children or friends, some are yellowing dog-eared pictures of relatives or far away places...

However, sometimes, mid-book, a book mark is just not handy, so readers need to improvise. And here's the rub. Sometimes we find things in books that are just down right weird, gross and unsuitable bookmarks.

So I've compiled a list of clever improvised bookmarks I've seen, and WTF bookmarks, that I definitely never want to see again.

fourleaf clover (pressed & dry)
paper clip
tea bag (unused! Of course!)
elastic band
train ticket
hair pin

slice bacon
toilet paper (where were you reading???)
wet wipe
hair (human. I think.)
orange rind
condom (unopened, but still! :S )
needle (Ow! oh, where did that go...?)
band aid (nope, not in packet.)

(Yep - that's a real book.)

1 comment:

  1. I have come across the toilet paper too! That is my weirdest one so far. I love the photos and always try to find the owners.