What is a BookTARDIS?

Step into my office:

It's bigger inside than it looks outside!
It's wibbly-wobbly wordy-nerdy.
And it can transport you anywhere in time and space - just step on board and open a book!

It's the BookTARDIS, and I pilot it through the universe (but mostly round the Shoalhaven, NSW Australia)

I'm not just a casual librarian, I am a VERY Casual Librarian.

This blog is about books; the good, the bad, the confusing, the hilarious, the shocking, the down-right weird.
And my adventures in the BookTARDIS
But it's also about spreading  library-love  !
It's diesel fumes and the smell of old books. It's the written word and the open road. It's adventures in time and space. Sometimes with aliens, slime, and lots of running. While wearing a bow-tie and fez. 
(Sure why not?)

And perks of the job? You bet!
Best office in the universe.
Yep: It's a tough job. But someone's gotta do it!  :)

Stop by and say hi if you see me parked in your neighbourhood! 
(I've got lotsa books, and they're all free!)

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