May 1, 2011

the stuff of library legend

Yesterday I had the extroadinary priviledge of working with Rosie, a semi-retired librarian of 25 years experience. I remember when I used to visit my local library every Wednesday with my Year 3 Class, and there Rosie would be. She knows her job inside out, can strike up conversation with anyone, and makes everyone feel like the library is her home, and you are visiting her in her home when you go there.

So of course, I had to ask her if she knew of any book that made her do a double take. Here's Rosie's contribution to "I cant believe that's a book"...


Apparently though, on a holiday to Malaysia, Rosie and legendary primary school teacher husband Dave stayed in a hotel where their concierge was an expert in towel origami. Each night they would return to their hotel room to find their towels folded like animals and landmarks. On the final day Rosie asked him what he was going to do the next day, to which he replied "something very very special Ma'am". Upon returning to their hotel room that night, they were suprised by an enormous "towel man" reclining on their bed, dressed in items of their clothing. A huge towel origami scarecrow, in hat, sunglasses, tie, shirt, shorts, and shoes.

Wow. That is impressive. A little creepy, but hilarious.

And speaking of creepy, I also asked Rosie what the worst bookmark she ever found in a library book was.

Rosie: "I hate toilet paper bookmarks. Yuck."
Me: "OMG USED toilet paper????"
Rosie: "Oh no, not used... but you have to wonder where they've been reading the book, if toilet paper was a handy book mark..."
Me: ".... oh YUCK!" :P

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  1. I'm with Rosie about the toilet paper bookmark. Holy bacteria, Batman!