Apr 28, 2011

must be out of plot ideas

Lovely librarians 'Super Vicki' & 'Patient Jo' have been keeping a keen eye out for "I cant believe that's a book" books. When I started my shift on Saturday,Patient Jo came scampering up with a gleeful look and a book.

"I found one"

She sure did. It's a beauty.

Yep - I know. I was fooled too.

BUT I only had to turn it over and read the blurb to see what she meant.

"Keeping a low profle after a painful divorce, Lacey Lancaster spurns the advances of her handsome neighbour Jack Walker, in spite of THEIR CAT'S MUTUAL ATTRACTION"

Yes. It's a CAT ROMANCE.

And that's not all! This book also includes recipes for homemade cat treats on p. 100 - 102. BONUS!

One image does spring to mind...

(Oh, and a side note - the lady who actually borrowed 'A Family Affair', actually borrowed one of these too...)