May 5, 2011

pet therapy

Okay, so lemme just say this: I'm more of a dog person. Don't get me wrong: Cats are cute, and kittens are adorable, and I love the way they move etc, but I suffer from terrible allergies to cat hair, and they're kinda arrogant.

But I've just finished reading 
And I bawled my eyes out at the end. Literally. I was driving and listening to the audiobook version, and had to pull over and cry my eyes out on the way home from work.

What an amazing story. The book itself kinda starts off slow, but the story tells of an ordinary cat, who did nothing really but be get rescued and be an ordinary cat, and yet had such a shockwave effect on a community, and internationally!

I think if nothing else, this book proves what an effect animals can have on our lives. And what a beautiful story of the love a person can have for their pet.

What truly struck me was going to the Spencer Library website and seeing how much of the site is still dedicated to Dewey the cat - 5 years after his death! What a testament to his life.

Right: Must ask El Presidente when our library can get a pet. Maybe a library rat?

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  1. Oh great. You ruined the ending of the book! ;)