May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

In honour of mother's day, I've found some "No really: That's a book?!" books to mark the occasion.

In number 3...

"There's something about Wayne I just cant put my finger on..."

In number 2...

Sounds lovely.
It's actually a book to help you explain your plastic surgery to your kids. I shit you not. (Don't believe me? Click here)

And coming in at number 1...
What and absolute lifesaver! How to brooch those awkward questions you dread as a parent and kids inevitably ask... like "Why is there a server in the house?". Phew! (I still dont know why there's a server in my house. My mum just gave me the book and told me I'd go blind if I touched it...)

I have to admit I haven't seen this one in the library - *darn* - this came from a site called Incredible Things, where their list of WTF gifts for kids has to be seen to be believed!

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