May 31, 2011

challenge accepted

Ceallach has thrown down the gauntlett. I was never one to back away from a challenge!

She has challenged me to read one of these oddly specific mystery books I've been blogging about. Right, so I thought to make it a real challenge, I should choose one that is outside my comfort zone. Something I wont relate to easily...

Too easy.

I drink tonnes of tea...


No challenge there! Total chocoholic!

Getting closer...

Erm... perhaps not...

Umm... O.o

... Wow.

Ah - HA! Found it. THAT'S THE ONE. Stay tuned for a review... ;)

1 comment:

  1. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
    I am cracking myself laughing.
    I think the domestic diva one would be the worst for me- it even includes recipes and entertaining tips- WTF??
    I'm down with the Renaissance Fair one, may the force be with you!!!!!