Nov 6, 2010

good housekeeping

I have just discovered my grandmother's copy of "The Australian Women's Weekly Picture Cookery" and I have spent a lovely cup of tea flipping through it and being transported back to my Nan's kitchen, where packet mixes were unheard of and everything was made from scratch in her favourite beige enamel bowls and using garlic was considered 'ethnic' and 'exotic'.

Did your nan ever make you a 'Dolly Varden' cake?

I dont remember my nan ever using so much gelatine or aspic...? Eeeew. It looks as though it was a big thing in the 50's... every second page has a recipe that needs to be refridgerated and turned out of its mould..!

i often wonder what Nan looked like in the 50's...

Maybe one day I'll try living like her for 2 weeks just like Jen...

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