Apr 12, 2013

trash and treasure

Ever come across a book that was so bad, you weren't sure if it was meant to be a joke? Pommie Sarah did, and thought it needed sharing on this blog.
She was so right.
Here it is! UPCYCLING! Where you can 'create beautiful things with stuff you already have'!
For example. Collected many of those little hotel soaps...?

Make a necklace!
Bored of your conventional old geographical globe..?

Add some 3D realism with plastic animals!
Too many old pots and pans...?

Your visitors will love this right in the middle of your loungeroom.
Safety pins?

Like 'shiney embroidery'!
And I cant think of anything I'd rather do with old cushion stuffing,

...than suspend it above my head.
Also apparently, old art can be joujzed up with just a bit of glitter glue!
Holy Martha Stewart! If only museums knew art restoration was SO EASY!
But my favourite is the amount of time dedicated to those un-sung decorating gems - PLASTIC $2 HOBO BAGS.


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