Nov 6, 2012

go to your room! (and read this.)

You may or may not know that I collect old girl's pony books. I remember my mum promising me a box of her old books if I helped clean out my grandparent's garage one weekend, and when the old carboard box tumbled down and out poured all these old pony stories - I was IN HEAVEN. It was all my christmases at once as a 10 year old pony-mad booklover! I still have them all to this day, and have now accumulated more over the years from Vinnies, and garage sales, and 2nd hand book shops. I Can NEVER resist them (as my husband will attest to!)
Doesn't everyone want their children to follow in their footsteps? A little? I try to foster a love of books and reading in my daughter, and luckily, she seems to be catching on! Hubby and I are both avid booklovers, and always have been.

So in saying this, there are a few books that have made their way onto my daughter's bookshelf for the furture, and I desperatley hope they become as good a friends to her as they have been to me. :)

1) Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery
2) The Secret Garden - Francis Hodgenson-Burnett
3) National Velvet - Enid Bagnold
4) The Naughtiest Girl in the School - Enid Blyton
5) The Jinny Series - Patricia Leitch
6) Charlotte's Web - EB White
7) Pippi Longstocking - EM Longfield
8) Matilda - Roald Dahl
9) Anything by Josephine, Christine or Diana Pullein-Thompson!
10) The Jill Series - Ruby Ferguson (Yeah I was a bit of a pony-mad girl!)
11) Grandma Cadbury's Trucking Tales - Di Bates
12) Hairy MacLairy From Donaldson's Dairy - Lynley Dodd

What are your favourite childhood books?

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  1. Last year I re-read The Famous Five and loved them. If kids at my library take them home I always tell their parents to have a read as well!