Jun 25, 2012

do you arrange your bookshelves?

Librarians love order. We cant help it. It's written into our DNA. The rest of our lives maybe chaos, but it's comforting to know that 636.6 always comes after 636.59 on our shelves.

There are those few folks who go that one step further though. For instance, these anal types over at Things Organised Neatly. (I must admit though, the orderly-ness and tidiness of some of these pics does send my Librarian 2 hearts racing!)

You can really go all-out though...

Then again: Hit a pothole or some air turbulence in the BookTARDIS, and the books can all end up like this:



  1. I'd like to have neatly arranged bookshelves but mine are just too full LOL they are crammed in any which way they will fit!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. I try to keep authors together, but mostly I arrange by size/weight. Heavy stuff on the bottom shelf and ends of higher shelves (closer to the supports), and lighter stuff in the center of the shelves, in an effort to keep the shelves from bending under the weight.