Nov 29, 2011

what the...? is that...?

Had a 'no-one's on the Bookmobile...bored bored bored' moment today, so started thinking up alternative book titles based on cover illustrations in the Mystery Romance section...

 "The Splitting Headache" by G. Miheadsore.

Anyway... Usually the covers of these Large Print serials feature poorly executed water colour renditions of scenery/people, or poorly executed CGI'd creations, that look more like reject avatars from Second Life or The SIMS.


Anyway, so I'm flicking through the covers and suddenly...

"That's Felicity Jones...!"

Don't believe me...?

So I scrabbled through some more, and there was Keira Knightley!

Do you think they know thair pictures are being used this way? Do you think there's others...?

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