Oct 29, 2011


On a whim I recently picked up a copy of a title in my favorite series when I was a horse-crazy teen for a re-read and a trip down memory lane. I loved the Jinny series by Patricia Leitch. I love the mix of horses and spirituality, and the descriptions of the animals and the untamed Scottish moorlands. Most of all, Ms Leitch managed to capture in the character of Jinny exactly how I passionate I felt about horses and riding. Like it was etched into my very soul.

Read them if you get a chance! Especially if you love horses! They're exceptionally hard to track down nowadays, being out of print and not widely popular. I, however have the set.

And here, dear readers, is where I need to make a confession. (Surely fellow bibliophiles will sympathize?)

I collect vintage pony books.

I love them. I find them at second hand book shops, at garage sales, at markets, at thrift shops, and I just have to buy them. It's compulsive. Maybe it's my way of clinging to my childhood, and holding on to a time where the world was simpler, more fun, and a hell of a lot less scary. I think I've read so many English pony books, I actually feel like the Pullein-Thompson's long-lost 4th sister, and that I actually grew up in a cottage in country-village England.

Ahh what it is to be transported to another time and place with a good book...

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