Jul 22, 2011

extreme frugality

No one's more respected in the world of home-cookery than the Country Women's Association. These are women who know how to be domestic, productive and frugal. The proof of which lies in their cookbook:

Why would I feature this as a 'wtf book'? Well, there's frugality, and there's...

And of course, there's the ever popular...

I don't even wanna know what's in the

Or the


Eek O.o

But what's really bizarre is, if this was a book published in the depression.. in post-war ration days, it would make more sense. But no:

And therefore, I cant help but wonder how applicable some of these recipes will be to a modern audience...? Although with the cost of electricity and fuel going up and up... SO. Just in case: Here are some helpful hints:

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