Jun 20, 2011

mum's gone away for quite a while...

So, no whale sightings today. Dammit. However! Today's WTF book will not disappoint. I picked it out to put in a pre-school bulk loan.

Thank goodness I dropped it, it fell open, and I had a read first.

Here it is:

It start off with this little girl - "Sugar" (yep) - introducing her mum, and how much fun they have together.

Then she has to stay with her Grandmother.

So: where's Mum gone away to? You get the feeling it's a hard time, and the book is gonna deal with a 'big issue'...

Is she getting some sort of treatment in hospital?

Was it a dodgy divorce?

Is she going away in the armed forces?

No: Mummy's 'away' for 25 to life.


Whoa. Didn't see that one coming. That might be a bit sensitive for preschool!

Can't wait til someone comes in and asks for this one day. Yipe!

Side Note: Our area has just had a jail built. So perhaps this was a thoughtful purchase... Eek.

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