Jun 27, 2011

it's a cinch!

Found this little gem over at Oddbooks.com - that safe house of literary oddities.

"Judging this book by its disturbing cover, with its promise that “people can be easily influenced to believe, obey, want, respect, love, trade”, you might expect to find it describing techniques such as sleep deprivation and how they may be used to bend the wills of your prospective slaves; but any would-be Charles Manson picking it up in the hope of tips on building a flock would be disappointed."
Rather this book is more about passing on sales tricks and techniques, which is not bearly as interesting as the title of this book would have us believe. However! Reading a little further into the review renews my faith in this book's WTF-characteristics:

"Negroes by pure instinct respect, admire and follow the white man, and in their hearts they wish him well, even though at times they rebel against him. For whites are not perfect and never will be; but as far as standards of living are concerned, they provide the best. And you will also note that blacks always want to move near whites, not away from them."

'All this talk about the equality of the sexes is pure nonsense. Women cannot equal men. [...] All that women can do is what men teach them."

"All that Grandmother had to do to be blessed with love, and later with marriage, home and children, was to look like herself, remain a virgin, dress modestly, avoid overexposure at the beach, wear long hair, and refrain from drinking hard liquor, smoking cigarettes, using vile language or being seen out alone after dark."



"His essential philosophy, though, is typical of the self-made man in that he believes that because he overcame difficulties in his life anyone else can do the same. As he puts it:
Despite my poverty-stricken beginning, foreign ancestry, lack of education and a somewhat irritating personality, I couldn't help but achieve my deserved measure of success and financial rewards.
“Irritating personality”? Well, I'm persuaded."
Oh that's gold. Where can I meet this guy? I think I'm in love.
Actually - forget BRAIN-washing. I'd wanna cleanse my entire auditory/nervous/cogitive systems after having read that self-congratulatory drivel.

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