Jun 9, 2011

it was just your average sunny day on the bookmobile...

*Cue ambient 'Morning Has Broken' style muzak*

The winter breeze was brisk. The regular borrowers were out and about. The bookmobile was parked as usual in a quiet South Coast seaside village, under some eucalypts, near the inlet.

The birds were calling, the laptop on our circulation desk was cheerfully beeping as it scanned the returns.

And then...

Someone - no, I didn't see who - returned THIS.

I. Had. To. Have. It.

Well with pictures like this...

...I just had to know more.

So I flipped over to the back cover for the blurb:

"this book is... a series of fascinating essays which chronicle a diverse spectrum of real people whose lives have been governed by inner voices, sexual aversions, bovver, interplanetary heroics, and UFO magazines. From lesbian vampires and death cults, through to lobster boys and the anonymous pamphleteer of Drug Virus Germs, Bizarrism has them all."


Wow this book has it all!

Wow: LOOK at this table of contents...


Why??? Who??? What are these ticks for???

And why do chapters entitled "The Wonderful World of Mormons" and "Mary's Voice Box" warrant TWO TICKS???



  1. Heh. Should I out myself by saying that I've read that one? I did NOT put the checkmarks in, however. I'm tempted to leave this anonymous...

  2. Bahahahahahaha!!! XD (Hey: Don't I know you...?)

    Disclaimer: My reviews are as much (probably more) to entertain than to inform, and are just MY opinion! No offense meant to you if this was your favourite book of all time! (Plenty of ppl scoff at some of my choices!) Yet another reason I <3 books - there's always something for EVERYONE's taste!

    In saying that... Did you like this book, flyingpoppet?