May 20, 2011

in the flesh!

Ah! Remember my previous post about just how ridiculously specific you can be about your mysteries?

Well low-and-behold, I was grabbing some new books for the bookmobile...

and there they were!

Ha ha ha how cute it looks like a book about....

No. NO?! Surely that's not...?

Yes: OMG it's a 'BEAR COLLECTORS' mystery. (A WHAT?!)

What?! WHAT?! Mysteries for people who like miniture things? Furniture? What the heck would that be about? How could you make a mystery novel about that? Oh come on - this is just getting ridiculous, surely there's no one who actually reads... oooooh... hello.... a BOOK mystery???


  1. Oh dear. Have you read one yet Anji?? Go on, do it, I dare ya...

  2. Challenge Accepted.