Apr 25, 2011


Our house is full of books. We love our books. Sometimes though, I dont feel like our random stacking on boring wooden shelves does them justice. I was thinking about book storage/presentation/display today, which lead me to google some interesting shelving ideas...

WOW. There's some cool shelves out there! Do a search yourself... go on... :)

I don't think I've even scratched the surface here - as far as cool shelves go.

Then I've seen magazines where random stacks of book appear in designer rooms. Looks great, but might be a pain if you find you want the book on the bottom of the pile. Which I'm sure I would.

One thing I have seen though, which I totally love, and which totally appeals to the obsessive compulsive side of me, is books used to inject colour into rooms, or books shelved according to colour.

Inspired? Me too.

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